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Even though there has been a large uptake of sets capable of receiving and playing out 4K/Ultra HD content, the number of services across the world remains stubbornly low. However, Insight TV is one service that is bucking this trend.

The numbers don’t lie: it’s looking...

19 Jun 2019

Having access to massive content libraries doesn’t mean anything if you can’t guarantee a good experience in playing it. This means if service providers don’t get the groundwork right they risk losing viewers. John Griffiths, VP marketing, Spicy Mango, outlines four st...

19 Jun 2019

High dynamic range is being touted as the key element that will ensure the proliferation of 4K TV. Leading Ultra HD consultant Ian Nock explains how this is going to happen and why it will be easier than some assume.

2018 was a ground-breaking year for Ultra HD/ high dy...

19 Jun 2019

There’s no question that the subscription economy is here to stay. However, balancing the competing requirements of acquiring, monetising and retaining customers comes with inherent trade-offs. Greg Harwood, director of pricing specialist Simon Kucher & Partners, expla...

19 Jun 2019

More content is being consumed on more platforms than ever before. But how can service providers ensure that customers’ increasing demands are met? Simon Trudelle, senior product marketing at NAGRA shows how providers have the opportunity to develop cloud-based solutio...

19 Jun 2019

Exclusive to Rapid TV News, Adriana Waterston, senior vice-president, Insights & Strategy at Horowitz Research, offers her thoughts on the future of TV advertising

Once upon a time, TV was the undeniable gold standard for advertisers. No other medium could deliver its r...

19 Jun 2019

This year’s Oscars saw the usual amount of haute couture and tears as the gongs were given to the great and the good. What it didn’t see though was the same type of TV coverage. Josh Krichefski, CEO of MediaCom, finds out whether this new approach damaged TV box office...

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