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IBC on the right platform

The challenges for TV providers are increasing as user demands and expectations raise considerably. At IBC 2017, we see how and why the technology that is needed to deliver TV services has had to change so rapidly, and the possible dawning of the new era of the platform. Joseph O’Halloran reports from the RAI in Amsterdam.

In perhaps one of the most famous moments of career advice in cinematic history, Benjamin Braddock, the graduate in the eponymous film, is told the future in one word: plastics. Raising the curtain on IBC 2017, Imagine Communications CEO Charlie Vogt did the same in two words: micro services.

As the RAI hosted the European mega-show’s 50th anniversary it’s tempting to think of how many times over the years that a single phrase or theme has dominated the gathering of the leading technological lights of Europe’s broadcast industry. There has been the HDTV show (actually quite a few of them), the mobile TV show, the IPTV show, and the 3DTV show (sorry to bring this up). Recently, though, with the advent of IP-based broadcasting there has been a certain lack of distinct themes, so fair play to the irrepressible Mr Vogt to define not only the leitmotif of IBC 2017 but also the industry in general.

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