• Nuno Zimas

Transforming captioning within the public cloud

Public cloud services have revolutionised the internet start-up business over the past few years. It’s now unthinkable to conceive a start-up with a traditional IT infrastructure model, but, says Paul Markham, head of access services platform architecture at Ericsson, this transformation is only just beginning to have an impact on TV broadcast infrastructure.

Captioning services straddle countries and languages, but also technical worlds. We deliver into the traditional broadcast chain but aren’t constrained by the large bandwidth and intensive I/O requirements of playout and media management.

Our technical solutions require broadcast quality resilience, but also highly variable capacity across the day, week and year. Our competition in many regions originates from outside the broadcast world, unencumbered by legacy infrastructure and historical expectations of how things might be done.

There’s a need to transform relatively isolated regional operations, many of which started life as individual businesses, into a coherent multilingual whole where work can be shared and collaborated on regardless of global location. The drive is towards more flexible working, including homeworking, piece rate, freelance and follow the sun. This improves business agility; with a cloud-based platform and a flexible workforce we can scale up to accept new work in hours rather than months, but also scale down to save money whenever that capacity is not needed.

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