• Rémi Beaudouin

The importance of broadcast contribution - and how to future-proof it

We live in a world where broadcasters are no longer restrained by the technological and geographical limitations of legacy contribution technology, and can deliver live content from almost anywhere in the world with relative ease. Rémi Beaudouin, VP of marketing at ATEME, points out how technological advances are making reporting ever better.

Next time you turn on your television and tune into the evening news, why not try counting the number of different locations you see journalists broadcasting from. In the space of just half an hour, you’ll likely watch individuals sitting inside studios, standing outside courts or government buildings and reporting from the heart of various breaking news stories all over the world.

This outstanding feat of technology is what is known as broadcast contribution, and in a relatively short space of time it has completely revolutionised the way broadcasters are able to produce live content for their audiences.

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