• Andy Brown

Monetising broadcast industry data by fighting content pirates

The internet has made more content more accessible to more consumers than ever before. In many ways, it has also simplified and exacerbated the problem of content piracy. Andy Brown, CEO at TV2U, examines the changing nature of this challenge and discusses why broadcasters need to adopt a new approach to tackling content piracy.

Over half of adults globally admit to watching pirated video content, and this problem is far from new. From unlicensed, bootleg camera recordings to unauthorised VHS copies of content, mass replicas of cheap DVDs, and the emergence of online file sharing – this is an issue that’s long plagued the broadcast industry.

When it comes to online file sharing, in particular, consumers have long used a VPN as the go-to method for outwitting content restrictions and accessing material they have not paid for, or do not otherwise have rights to watch because of their location. This technology has long since created a headache for rights holders and has become synonymous with content piracy as a result, which has led broadcasters and OTT players to employ a variety of tactics in an attempt to curb its effectiveness.

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