• David Muhle

The challenges of delivering sport in an OTT environment

Today, industry demands for more content have surged, personalised video appetites have increased, and distribution outlets have multiplied. Mobile is clearly fuelling consumer hunger for video in Europe but in assessing how to cash in, says David Muhle, VP sales and channel for EMEA at Ooyala, nothing should be taken for granted.

It is no secret that OTT video is seeing great success globally, which makes it fascinating times for companies to seize the opportunity and maximise their OTT revenue potential. While each region around the world is experiencing differences in how OTT is rolling out and how consumer behaviours are shifting, OTT is predicted to become a $65 billion market globally by 2021, which inevitably makes it the future of video.

Furthermore, Ooyala’s Q4 2016 Global Video Index argues that Europe leads the rest of the world in mobile video viewing (at 54% of views). Interestingly, Britain tops the list for mobile sports viewing with 59%, where the world average is just under 50%.

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