• Joseph O'Halloran

ALT Balaji reaches out to global audience

After six months of commercial service, India’s largest film and TV production studio ALT Balaji is streaming high-quality entertainment to more than two million subscribers in four countries. Xstream’s OTT video technology is at the heart of this drive.

A company is judged by the company it keeps. Balaji Telefilms is India’s largest film and TV production studio. As a leading producer of high quality Tamil entertainment content, it wanted to grow revenue into direct multiscreen SVOD content distribution with a new ALT Balaji service targeting young, connected, new-age global audiences. The service would extend the studio’s fabled creative expertise to digital audiences worldwide with on-demand, original and exclusive content.

With the aim of addressing more than 40 million ultra-affordable subscriptions in 2018, Balaji wanted to “outsource” all technical complexities to a partner capable of delivering a highly-scalable and cost-efficient OTT platform that would address all technical, promotional and subscription habits in all markets.

Choosing a partner The studio knew that it needed a reliable and OTT-savvy business partner on the market to deliver the smoothest and most cost-effective user experience in video playback. After an industry-wide review of potential business partners, Balaji Telefilms selected Xstream and its MediaMaker end-to-end cloud platform as the enabler for its video supply management, distribution, monetisation and user-experience. Xstream was also tasked with operational responsibility of the ALT Balaji multiscreen SVOD service.

In April 2017, Balaji went live with Xstream MediaMaker enabling ALT Balaji to seamlessly create, manage, deliver and monetise internet TV solutions across the entire Indian market. It was installed to offer an easy and transparent workflow management platform so that Balaji was able to focus on what it does: developing creative content, not technology and financial collection solutions associated with the complex OTT industry.

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