• Shereta Williams

Transforming the future of the TV industry

TV is an industry that is constantly evolving and entering new territories of technology, some of which were never thought of as being able to connect back to TV or advertising. Shereta Williams, president of Videa, puts forward what she thinks will be the top five trends for the industry going into 2018.

Every week I’m meeting with thought leaders in the industry, attending industry events, getting the opportunity to hear about the ways in which this industry is transforming. Because of this, I’ve laid out the top five areas in which I believe we’ll see the TV advertising industry shift in the coming years and will conclude by addressing how companies can manage these transformations within their own organisations.

Planning and execution of media buying converges Today, media mix planning is an activity fairly separate from the actual execution and buying of media. This results in a process where the brand strategists put together a media mix plan that allocates spend by medium and then each medium is executed in separate teams and reports back on how they performed. As omni-channel marketing starts to become a reality in the new year through the use of automation and data across all platforms, these separations will dissolve and planners and buyers will become much more tightly integrated so plans can be optimised for maximum results.

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