• Arlen Marmel

Turning the streaming industry on its head

How do VOD and OTT companies compete against the juggernauts that are Netflix and Hulu? We asked VRV GM Arlen Marmel, and found that it could be all about targeted aggregation and connecting the dots between standalone niche SVOD content.

What’s the current state of the SVOD industry right now? Is there any stopping the momentum?

It’s incredible to be a part of the SVOD ecosystem while we undergo this massive transition in the way consumers access, engage and experience premium content. We are seeing the major players – Netflix, Hulu, Amazon – get bigger alongside massive content investment. I feel particularly fortunate to have participated in the first wave with Hulu, and now I have a front row seat to the second, more niche, wave.

On the other hand, we’ve seen a wave of other players beginning to deliver against the promise of more focused offerings such as Crunchyroll, DramaFever and WWE. These services are so interesting because their relationship with the audience is much deeper. For example, Crunchyroll fans wear the branded T-shirt, whereas Netflix subscribers do not. The challenge for these focused offerings is to ensure that they continue to deliver against their brand promise, thoughtfully grow their audience, and deliver a best-in-class product experience; that’s where we think VRV can help.

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