• Mark Mulready

Illegal social streaming and the threat to live sports

While pirates are criminals, they are unfortunately also entrepreneurs – offering an attractive product at a low price, adapting to new technologies and consumer demand at speed, unhindered by rules and regulations. Mark Mulready, VP Cybersecurity Services, Irdeto, advises on how to respond.

We’ve seen time and again that many pirate content services are the product of organised criminal groups – providing a compelling experience and a wide variety of premium content, illegally, for cents on the dollar. We’ve also seen pirates evolve from control word sharing to illegal content redistribution over the internet and they’re now exploiting the open nature of media players such as Kodi. But they also understand the need to market and connect with users across multiple channels. This is where social media comes in.

A critical element of the marketing mix for legitimate brands, the relationship building potential of social media is being used by pirates as the regular vehicle to advertise their services and illegally redistribute content.

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