• Menno Koopmans

The future success of broadcast lies in voice technology

Voice technology has the potential to be an additional revenue stream for broadcasters and digital content providers. Yet it’s not about how it works but how well it works, argues Menno Koopmans, SVP subscription broadcasting, Universal Electronics.

Consumers have been quick to accept and adopt voice technology as a sophisticated tool for enabling a more efficient and enjoyable viewing experience, particularly within broadcast. Of course, the fact it has been championed by numerous tech giants has helped it gain popularity among a mass audience, but broadcasters have been particularly proactive in educating consumers on the benefits of voice technology.

Certain verticals within the broadcast industry use voice technology in different ways. While original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) focus more on delivering a great user experience through voice command and control functions, the subscription broadcasting companies – including Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu and more – rely on voice technology more for content search purposes, allowing users to easily filter results from huge catalogues of TV shows and films. But while the uses may differ, the factors that determine their overall success remain the same.

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