• Joseph O'Halloran

4K hits the gas pedal

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: this will be the year of 4K/Ultra HD. Yet, as Joseph O’Halloran finds at the recent 4K (HDR) Summit in Málaga, a lot of building blocks have been put in place to make sure the industry can offer an added dimension to both the year’s major sporting events and mainstream services.

You can’t accuse the Ultra HD industry of not having a good sense of humour. As the first bells of the new year rang, this good magazine received a tweet wishing that 3840×2160 would be our new year’s resolution. Not a bad joke; and not a bad message. Indeed, despite a welter of over-optimism and hype over the last few years, the 4K/Ultra HD industry may in 12 months’ time be looking at 2018 as a landmark year in which breakthrough was made.

Such optimism was evident at the third 4K (HDR) Summit held towards the end of 2017. Making its debut in Malaga after two successful editions in Andalusia and Seville, the event now claims to have become the main international meeting of professionals from the Ultra HD industry, both in the technology sector and the audio-visual content sector. This may be something of an assertion: what is not in doubt is that the event attracted very high-wattage speakers who painted a rosy picture for 4K development.

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