• Nick Moreno

Monetisation, micro-payments and market opportunities

There’s no doubt 2018 will see both successes and struggles as the broadcast industry seeks to capitalise on content via multiple monetisation strategies. Nick Moreno, director of strategy, satellite and media at Arqiva, highlights what we may be about to receive.

Over the course of 2017 the broadcast industry has become an even more complex and varied space. Newer distribution models such as OTT and VOD have become more accessible – both operationally and commercially – thanks to a variety of factors, spanning lower technology costs and faster broadband speeds to the increased pace of innovation.

This changing landscape means emerging media companies (ie, ‘born digital’ players and brands) – regardless of their experience – are often on a level playing field with traditional broadcasting giants when it comes to distributing their content direct-to-consumer (DTC), and both come head-to-head in the competition for eyeballs.

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