• Joseph O'Halloran

Cashing in on tomorrow's world

Change has always been a constant in the TV industry but these days it is driving the concept of TV as we know it to hitherto unknown places, in which monetisation strategies have yet to be figured out. Joseph O’Halloran reports from the recent TVOT which attempted to shed more light on how and where to generate profit.

New York in December, and the air outside the Silas Theatre is rather crisp. The air inside is rather warmer and the talk at TVOT NYC is not of the crisp air but of the rustle of crisp dollar bills that advanced broadcasting technologies are going to deliver throughout 2018.

As ever, the theme of the event was just how much the TV industry was changing and growing. In particular it examined just how much this growth and the effects of these changes could be measured. And this really is something: here is

a boutique trade show that has been a hub of the latest technology and services that are needed to meet users’ demands and the focus is now on how to better monetise meeting these needs. There was a perceptible air of business in the air, and it was all about how opportunity knocks.

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