• Anthony Smith-Chaigneau

Enhancing the TV user experience

In a world of increasing connectivity, the TV user experience has become disconnected, leading to a sea change in how we experience content. Yet, argues, Anthony Smith-Chaigneau, senior product marketing director, NAGRA, despite the new UIs, is there still a place for an electronic programming guide (EPG)?

Viewers today increasingly watch their favourite content via a whole host of devices offering both free and subscription services. Moreover, they now need to sift through all these services on tablets, set-top boxes, streaming devices as well as games consoles to get to search for content they may want to consume. Equally, the content quality they find ranges from standard definition all the way up to 4K Ultra HD. To add to this, the industry has now added HDR to confuse the viewer even more.

While we strive to capture the consumer and keep them on a single service with something we call total audience immersion (TAI), viewing is actually now more disrupted than ever. The TV industry has become inundated with different user interfaces (UIs) on a device by device, service by service basis.

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