• Paul Davies

Finding common ground through dynamic ad insertion

2017 was an interesting year for broadcasters and advertisers considering the future of live television in the online world. Yospace’s Paul Davies gives forth his thoughts on what technologies, such as dynamic ad insertion, should make the industry feel bullish.

It became clear throughout 2017 that broadcasters are rediscovering some of their swagger after several years of nervousness around the threat to their dominance posed by major internet companies, or GAFAN, as they’re increasingly becoming known. In 2017 there was a new sense of bullishness about that threat.

Such bullishness is partly down to the noises coming from some of the biggest advertisers and media buyers who clearly still have a preference for live and linear television, citing its mass reach and single point-of-contact for trading and measurement. Where else can an advertiser achieve such mass reach through a single transaction?

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