• Per Lindgren

How live and social TV viewing experiences support OTT growth

The OTT sector is booming, but can existing OTT platforms cope with the growth and the increased demands in future? Net Insight founder Per Lindgren explains how to handle what infrastructures are about to receive.

Live and linear content shows the strongest growth in the OTT video segment. This is underscored by recent Ovum reports stating that subscription OTT services driven by linear streaming (SLIN) is the fastest growing segment of the online video market and will represent at least one-third of the total market by 2022, up from one-fifth in 2016. This is seconded by ABI Research’s forecast that live linear OTT services will grow from $1 billion in 2016 to $7 billion in 2021, a CAGR of 46.7%.

This growth will change the OTT business landscape and put new and significant requirements on existing OTT platforms, which are currently not optimised for handling large amounts of live traffic.

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