• Damien Lucas

How multicast ABR can revolutionise OTT viewing

There are a number of technological trends that we can expect to see in 2018, from the boom in multiscreen OTT viewing and hyper-personalisation to a greater focus from broadcast solutions providers to stamp out latency-related streaming issues. Anevia CTO Damien Lucas examines how these will influence broadcasting as we know it.

Markets can become extremely demanding very quickly. Advances that are seen as exciting and novel at first are soon taken for granted and consumers become intolerant of anything less than perfect quality.

Take, for example, over-the-top (OTT). Last year, according to research from Conviva, global viewing of streamed OTT content doubled to 12.6 billion hours, while Netflix added 24 million new subscribers over the year. Yet, these days any hint of poor performance due to network latency or buffering makes viewers impatient and ready to turn off – or turn on to a different content provider. In addition, viewers are no longer satisfied to only watch on a conventional TV at home. The expense of downloading mobile data previously prevented them from viewing content away from home on mobile phones, laptops or tablets.

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