• Tom Munro

Security forecast: cloudy and getting cloudier

Using cloud-based technologies to secure content and analyse its uptake is not new. Yet, as reveals Verimatrix CEO Tom Munro, the interest in both is at a peak. We look at why this may be and why this is a likely portent of a significant trend in the multiscreen industry.

At Verimatrix, we live mostly in the realm of video distribution, securing video services from threats like piracy, redistribution, and copyright violations. We also have solution to add analytics, measuring the details of technical delivery and audience interest. Both functions, security and analytics, have been available in cloud form for some time. But recently, interest has spiked.

What has changed? Why is the cloud transition compelling now? In the past, our customers would talk about an undefined future in which some administrative functions, but probably never all video delivery, would be handled in cloud environments. Now, the conversation is about how and how soon. Our view is that several things changed.

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