• T J Sullivan

Maintaining the momentum of OTT growth

The continued growth of OTT services will inevitably make people wonder just how to cash in. TJ Sullivan, EVP of sales at Digital Remedy, suggests how advertisers can monetise hyper-targeted audiences.

Nearly a quarter of the US no longer has a set-top box; however, those eyes aren’t gone. Instead, they are just watching OTT. So, with younger consumers coming of age – cutting cords and gaining spending power at an exponential rate – they are becoming much more attractive to brands and advertisers.

The other appeal is that OTT can be secured programmatically, leading to many instances where there are non-existent minimums both for spend and duration. It also means that campaigns can be optimised mid-flight towards higher performing channels and audiences.

This continued growth will also lead to granular audience targeting for OTT, which advertisers can already do with pre-roll and display channels, providing the impact of a commercial, full screen, non-skippable, large format ad spot, with the hypertargeted audiences you’d find on a traditional programmatic unit.

As the amount of money being spent on OTT continues to grow, fraud verification vendors continue to find more forms of fraud being created within the OTT space. It is a growing concern that advertisers need to be aware of. The platform is still being developed, and therefore creates a lot of uncharted territory that needs to be explored to stabilise the landscape.

OTT allows ads to be delivered to individuals while they are already engaged with video content. As is the case with traditional TV advertising, they are integrated seamlessly into the viewing experience and they provide less disruption than other digital advertising tactics, like mobile. While there is less engagement to be had, the size of screen, location and delivery of content allows for much more creative leverage and is great for overall brand awareness.

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