• Adriana Waterston

Reimagining TV advertising

Exclusive to Rapid TV News, Adriana Waterston, senior vice-president, Insights & Strategy at Horowitz Research, offers her thoughts on the future of TV advertising

Once upon a time, TV was the undeniable gold standard for advertisers. No other medium could deliver its reach, effectiveness or creative possibilities. Today, the plethora of mediums, channels and devices consumers are now using poses a challenge for advertisers and media planners.

Which of these platforms delivers the greatest reach? Which native ad formats are most effective? How can brands truly engage consumers with relevant messaging and creative?

The industry continues to struggle with measurement in today’s environment. Relying solely on exposure fails to account for the fact that often consumers’ attention is divided among multiple screens and media at one time. Four-fifths of TV viewers say they multitask on another device at least some of the time while watching TV, and more than half (54%) do it a lot or all the time.

With the majority of audiences using multiple platforms simultaneously, mere exposure to an ad is unlikely to move the needle forward for advertisers. What’s more, consumers have more choices than ever about what they pay attention to and what they do not.

So, while the ad might have reached the intended target, was it able to cut through the clutter and deliver the brand message effectively? Horowitz Research’s recent study, State of Consumer Engagement, explores consumers’ evolving attitudes and preferences when it comes to advertising and provides insight on how brands can be more successful at effectively engaging today’s multiplatform audiences.

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