• John Griffiths

Taming the content delivery monster

Having access to massive content libraries doesn’t mean anything if you can’t guarantee a good experience in playing it. This means if service providers don’t get the groundwork right they risk losing viewers. John Griffiths, VP marketing, Spicy Mango, outlines four steps OTT providers need to take to get content delivery right.

OTT is everywhere. With service providers such as Amazon Prime and Netflix showing no signs of disappearing any time soon, and Disney releasing an OTT service in 2019, it seems the future of on-demand TV is already here.

When it comes to content delivery, creating an OTT infrastructure that provides effective direct-to-consumer capabilities is unfortunately easier said than done. Service providers often underestimate the technical challenges and dive straight into developing apps and user interfaces, sidelining the technical stuff until later on in the process. It’s great to have back catalogues of films, viral shows and the hottest series, but if the content doesn’t load, is continuously buffering or doesn’t resume from where you left off, what’s the point in having it?

Ultimately, if service providers don’t get the groundwork right, they risk losing viewers. Today, user experience is everything. But the main issue for many service providers is that they believe the content delivery network (CDN) is the engine room of user experience, so they focus their attentions there. But it’s the wrong way of going about things; there’s more to delivery than designing an app and configuring the CDN. The drivers of user experience are determined far earlier in a complex process that bridges multiple players, locations and viewer-specific variables. It’s a monster. But it can be tamed. Here are four steps that must be optimised to deliver video, at scale, directly to those consuming it.

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